Chus & Ceballos

Chus & Ceballos 10 Years In New York Documentary

Chus & Ceballos have always stated that New York was their favorite city to play at.  Their popularity here cannot be understated as they are booked regularly at Cielo and Pacha alongside Danny Tenaglia among others.  The duo recently made a 15 minute documentary entitled “Chus & Ceballos 10 Years In New York” that they uploaded to YouTube talking about their times here in New York and what they have done to propel themselves to the forefront of New York Dance and turning Iberican into a sound that they are credited with coining.  The documentary features interviews from Danny Tenaglia, DJ Boris, Benny Soto (Cielo manager), Rob Fernandez (Pacha manager), and Nicole Maudaber.  It’s a nice, uplifting piece that shows how two decent fellas from Spain can become inspirations for others and make great music.

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  • konradical

    that moment when you realize you’ve seen this before…

    • MAW

      I thought the same thing when I saw this.