Dixon ADE Hotel

Dixon Does Boiler Room In His Hotel Right Now And You’re Invited, Seriously.

Dixon just posted on Facebook that he’s doing a live set with Kristian from Ame at his hotel room at the ADE in Amsterdam with the fine folks over at Boiler Room.  The first 100 people to get over to his place get in for the event.  Keep in mind this is a party and not a club so keep your cool and go enjoy yourself if you are attending ADE.  Looks like it is already filling up.  Oh yea, and a Funktion One to boot.

“Just realized I forgot to tell you where the party is: Its here. In my hotel room. Room 28 at Lloyd Hotel. So far it’s just me & Kristian from Ame. But if you feel like coming by – we have a soundsystem, a bar and we’ll play music. It starts now. So be quick – if it’s full it’s full…

Head over to Boiler room to check it out.  Cheers.

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