Never Say Never 2013

DJ Sasha Never Say Never 2013 Closing Party Set

The recording of DJ Sasha’s set at the Never Say Never closing party at Ushuaia, Ibiza is always something we look forward to getting every year come October.  Sasha began his parties at Ushuaia in 2010 and he has always been good enough to record them throughout the summer or allow Ibiza radio shows to broadcast them to the world.  This year, Pioneer Radio was lucky enough to get a change to stream his mix from the Never Say Never closing party which is rare for this venue specially considering that Ushuaia Tower is much smaller than Ushuaia and space is usually limited to the select few on the guest list.

Sasha admitted in a recent interview with Resident Advisor that he didn’t expect to play up on the Tower, but he made the best of the situation and turned lemons into lemonade making Never Say Never 2013 one of the best parties on the white isle (Source:

Now that the season is almost over, how do you reflect back on it?

Like any season in Ibiza there are always obstacles and hurdles you face in trying to have a successful summer. I think, on the whole, it’s been a success. When I first signed up to do Ushuaia Tower, we thought we were going to be doing pool parties for 3,000 people. Last September in the big Ushuaia venue we were doing more than that—between four and five thousand people—so it wasn’t that which worried me. It was more August, where there is such competition from all these huge commercial acts. I thought we’d benefit from being in the smaller venue, and felt confident of a strong season. But then we did a couple of parties downstairs at the Tower and there were problems with the licence so we had to move up to the roof. The roof wasn’t really what we signed up for, but we made the best of it. We created a great vibe up there and made it work.

We went ahead and took a recording of the mix that was streamed and uploaded it for all to enjoy on Soundcloud.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we can have the tracklisting filled out.  A few recognizable tracks are Joris Voorn’s “Ringo” and Sasha’s remix of Ananda Project’s “Moment Before Dreaming.”


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