Fabric Talks To Visionquest

Great interview of Seth Troxler and Lee Curtis by the folks over at Fabric this week.  Excerpt:

How far do you think you can coast by on good looks and charm?
Great question! When I look in the mirror I say wow, it’s all over, but then I look at you Lee and realize I’ve got loads of time…

What are two things a dude should never say to another dude?
How does my lipstick look, and, can you shave my back… though Lee you’re guilty of that second one.

Do you believe you could inflate a dog with helium and float him on the end of a string?
I love animals so I would never think of doing such a thing. I do however reckon I could easily fill up a hot air ballon with bullshit and fly it to the moon.

Should DJs have a salary caps like baseball players?
I think DJs should be grateful for the blessings that they have been granted and give back in different ways.

Check out the full interview here: http://www.fabriclondon.com/blog/view/visionquest-seth-troxler-and-lee-curtiss-b2b-interview

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