Funktion-One Co-Founder Tony Andrews Talks Audio

Tony Andrews is a man who knows his sound.  In 1992 he co-founded Funktion-One with John Newsham and since then, their systems are all over the wazoo from Space in Ibiza to Cielo in New York (our favorite system in the city along with Gary Stewarts over at District 36).  And though we try not to get into quarells about audio (too much drama), we do like to give credit where it is due and always stay thirsty for knowledge when it comes to sound technology, especially when some of the best in the industry are teaching.  In this 15 minute video, Tony talks about why most mixers found in clubs stink, why DJ’s need to stop abusing sound systems and slamming the meters well into the red, the decline of audio standards (including digital sound making sound systems worse), and some of the things Funktion tries to do differently to stay ahead of the competitors.  We found some of his opinions quite interesting (some we agree, some not so much).  We especially liked the “MP3′s are an insult but some sound systems are so bad that you can’t even tell the difference.”

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  • John

    What are exactly then his proposed solutions to MP3? Find a club in London that has functioning turntables to play traditional vinyl. Everyone burns MP3′s/WAV’s to CD now or uses Traktor. The days of high fidelity analog are over!!!

    • dude

      Solution to MP3: WAV or FLAC files ;) 24 bit wav is just as good as vinyl

  • Mary Tyler Whore

    Tony Andrews has some valid points, but Funktion One is overpriced and overhyped ok stuff. Please, a plastic horn? How much is that cabinet?

  • John A.

    What systems do you consider not overhyped?