Great Dubspot Tutorial On Understand Effects

If you live in the New York area and have been wanting to learn how to produce music (or DJ), Dubspot is really the place to go.  While most of us already know the basics of producing, every time we visit the Dubspot blog, we learn more and more as they go in depth (as well as the basics) on techniques to improve your game.  This time around, they help the new folks learn about what can be a daunting topic, audio effects.  It sounds simple, but knowing the ins and outs of effects and when and more importantly, when not to use them, is the difference between a good track, and a stand out track.  They even give you some demonstrations of each (it used to really suck in the days before YouTube when you had to rely on the descriptions in a book to figure out what modulation sounded like.

You can check out the post here:

Visit Dubspots site for more great tips, and for information on taking classes:

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