Help Save Ministry Of Sound London

London’s Ministry of Sound is being threatened again this year as London mayor Boris Johnson is being asked to call in the vote that was denied last year allowing a developer to build luxury flats across the street from the club.  If the mayor does permit the developer to go through with the plans, it would almost certainly mean that the Ministry Of Sound would have to close this year since as those of us living in New York know, you can’t have a nightclub anywhere within a stones throw of residential housing without issues.  Please read below for more information regarding this, and let’s all do our part to help them out.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is about to grant planning permission for luxury flats opposite Ministry of Sound. If built, these will force our iconic 20 year old club to close, with the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Last year, some of the world’s biggest DJs and musicians, as well as over 26,000 people, joined our campaign to let Southwark Council know that these plans would destroy a global institution. We were delighted and thought our future was secured when Southwark Council’s Planning Committee voted overwhelmingly to reject the plans.

Now the developer has convinced Boris Johnson to “call in” the application and hopes to overturn this democratic decision.

Don’t let Boris shut us down

2012 is the year of the London Elections. This year above all the Mayor has reason to listen to Londoners. Together we can show Boris that this city will not be the same without Ministry of Sound and there are major flaws with this development.

Join the fight

Sign our online petition.

Or tweet #savemosclub

Or contact Boris directly at – and let him know what Ministry of Sound means to you by attaching a photo of you at the Club or recounting a favourite night.

For more information on how you can Save Our Club contact

Come on Boris, Please Don’t Stop The Music.

We will be doing all we can from this side of the world and wish MOS nothing but good luck in hopes of having another 20 years of great music at one of the best clubs in the world.


  • Whocares

    Least we know nyc isnt the only one with issues with this shit!!!!!!