A History Of New York’s Tunnel Nightclub

For many of us, New York’s Tunnel Nightclub was our first entrance into the dark realms of Manhattan nightlife.  For 10 bucks you could walk into Curfew, the gay club at the back of the building and walk straight into the Tunnel, usually getting harassed by the pier queens along the way.  The Tunnel was indeed just that, a culmination of subway tunnels used to load freight that would then head to Jersey (or the 11th Ave. freight yards) until that was stopped in the 70′s.  In the late 80′s (1987 to be precise), the club was bought and turned into the nightclub it functioned as until 2001 when the Guliani gestapo slammed it shut with an iron fist.  We came across a great piece from Complex that goes through the history of the Tunnel from open to close.  What’s great about this article is the first person accounts from the DJ’s, door people, coat checkers, security, bathroom attendants, drug dealers, and son on… AKA the ones who LIVED the Tunnel.

Our favorite quote is from the guy whose career would explode during his residency at the club:

Flex: The first night Mecca came to the Tunnel, I remember thinking it was a very awkward space, very narrow with the train tracks.

That about sums the place up.  Enjoy the read:

Source: http://www.complex.com/city-guide/2012/08/the-oral-history-of-the-tunnel

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