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Ben Klock Fabric 66

Fabric 66 – Ben Klock Review

Admittedly, I’m pretty far behind on updating this blog.  Unfortunately that bitch Hurricane Sandy took us New Yorkers for a ride and we had to run for cover for a while.  But things have gotten better and here I am, back where I belong (or so the song goes).  Fabric sent me this to review a […]


Defected Teams Up With Manhattan Portage On New DJ Bag

The fine folks at Defected have teamed up with Manhattan Portage to design a new DJ bag for all of your stuff.  Manhattan Portage is a staple in NY culture (you can’t go on a subway without seeing someone with one of their bags) so it’s pretty cool that it hits close to home.  Here […]


Gigatools – List Your Gigs

We found a neat little tool while looking at some artist pages.  GigaTools is a website that allows you to list all your gigs and then share them across your social networks.  It gives you a more organized interface and for the people who complain about the lack of features Facebook’s event features have, this […]

Space New York

Space Ibiza Opening Club In New York

Space Ibiza have announced that they are opening up a club at the venue on 50th and 12th avenue that was to previously become Sankey’s.  It turns out things didn’t go so well with Sankey’s as we had reported and Space was quick to snatch up the place for their own taking.  The venue was […]

Hippie Dance

Pachanga Boys Upcoming Album “We Are Really Sorry” (Hippie Dance)

Pachanga Boys in our opinion put out the best record of 2011 in “Time.”  A stunning 13 minute cruise that was hammered by Sasha and the likes, this tune is still played by me on the regular.  I’ll be honest that I didn’t know about them until Time’s release, but I’ve enjoyed their releases since […]

Fabric 66 - Ben Klock

Ben Klock’s Fabric Out Today

For those of you in the UK, Fabric’s newest release, Fabric 66  is out.  Mixed up by the kick fucking ass Ben Klock (BPitch and Ostgut Ton), this is one mix we have been looking forward to since its announcement about a month ago.  We haven’t gotten our hands on it yet here stateside so […]


Francois K Asks How Do Computers Affect Music?

  A part of us misses messages boards.  We don’t miss the trolls that would register 10 different accounts under different names, but because once in a while you would find people engaging in interesting conversation like adults.  Forums like WaveMusic and Dtourism seemed to be the last wave of sites we found that were […]


MadNotMad Premiers M.A.N.D.Y. Reunion At Slate

Some good news coming out of the Mad Not Mad camp today.  Though we were informed a few months ago, we did not want to post anything in case it fell through but Paul at Mad Not Mad posted on his Facebook page today that his crew will be hosting parties in the Basement of […]

Gary Stewart UREI

Gary Stewart Passes Away

Really sad news last night delivered to our inbox…  Sound man and NYC native Gary Stewart passed away yesterday.  Some of you already probably know this as he was friends with many of us throughout the dance music community.  Gary was responsible for some of the best sound systems around the world, number one going […]

Black & White NYC

Black & White NY Festival

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of festivals.  It’s not that I’m a downer or that I like to shit on things, but they’re generally just filled with too many kids getting completely fucked up instead of going out and enjoying themselves and the music.  Most of the time though, […]

John Peel

John Peel Archive On Soundcloud

John Peel was the face of BBC Radio 1 from 1967 until his death in 2004.  He wasn’t a house music DJ, but simply a disk jockey with eclectic tastes that most of the time were good, and sometimes his selections would make you scratch your head.  But one thing is for sure, he was […]