The Desert Forest Returns to Burning Man 2013

Hot off the heels of news that Burning Man has landed a permit to expand its population from 50,000 attendees to 68,000 for the next four years, we also caught wind of a Indegogo compaign to raise 15k to bring “The Desert Forest” back to Burning man this year.  For those that attended last year, […]

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Op-Ed – SFX Entertainment and It’s IPO Filing Nonsense

Is this hopefully the end of “EDM” as we know it? (We are crossing our fingers) Now let’s get this straight, we are by no means upset with what has happen to electronic dance music (but we kind of are). Next we want to see companies grow and the global economy rebound! I saw some […]

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A Review Of Verboten’s StageOne Party With Carl Craig and Luciano

For the record, I’m not one to party too much these days.  I guess maybe it’s because I’m getting old, or maybe because I’m just a jaded clubber.  Carl Craig is one of my favorite DJ’s so I thought it’d be nice to venture out and enjoy the weather, hear good music, and have a […]

Classic Album Sundays presents Stevie Wonders "Innervisions"

Classic Album Sundays In NYC At Output Brooklyn

When you think of a club like Output, you think of techno marathons and a strict no camera policy on the dance floor.  All true, but the club also branches out and hosts other functions outside of Thursday – Saturday nights.  Some are advertised such as the Hard and Soul parties that Danny Tenaglia will […]

Daft Punk Da Funk

How Soma Recordings Gave Daft Punk Their First Record Deal

To some, Daft Punk is a relatively new experience, but to us, they’ve been around for what seems like forever now.  Homework was an absolute classic with tracks like Revolution 909 that were being championed in all the clubs in 1997.  The robotic trio had a couple of great releases before Homework in the form […]

Washed Out - Within Or Without

New Washed Out Album “Paracosm” Coming

Good news for us Washed Out fans.  He or they posted on Facebook and Twitter today that a new album is coming this summer to follow up Within and Without, which I thought was one of the best albums of 2011.  No details were given out other than a two minute trailer, but it’s something […]


Vice Article On Margaret Thatcher’s War on Acid House

I found an interesting article on Vice’s website about Margaret Thatcher’s term in office in London and her relentless goal of pushing the acid house movement out of the UK.  Thatcher’s group of goons (AKA the police) around ’89 were striking down on acid house with an iron fist in an effort to drive the […]

Ian Curtis

RIP Ian Curtis. It’s Been 33 Years.

I wasn’t alive when Ian Curtis left this earth, but the mark he left on music will last forever.  Joy Division formed at a perfect time, when punk was all but over and this late 70’s renaissance was developing in the form of Factory Records.  To me, they are partly responsible for helping to shape […]

OMD English Electric

O.M.D.’s Plot Against Rock Music

There is a great article in the New York Times Magazine this week about O.M.D. and the important role they played in bringing synthpop and new wave to the masses in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  When Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys first started out, they were teens playing in bars in Liverpool.  They were […]

Steffi Pan Bar

Panorama Bar 05 Mixed By Steffi Out Today

For those of us who are fans of the Panorama Bar mix series, Juno had been good enough to alert us that the fifth installment mixed by Steffi has been released today.  The PBar series (and the Berghain) are some of the best mix CD’s you will find (if you can find them a la […]

Benga Chapter II

Benga – Chapter II Review

Let’s face it.  Most dubstep these days sucks.  I’m not here to rant and rave about brostep and all the other nonsense out there that festival DJ’s are playing these days nor do I want to start off this review on the wrong foot, but I want to put it out there from the get […]

Cassy Briton

Cassy To Mix Fabric 71

After us New Yorker’s got some good news last week in the form of Cassy getting the first residency at Output in Brooklyn, we get another thing to smile about from Cassy in the form of a mix CD.  Cassy will be piloting number 71 in the series for the London based night club and […]