Sankeys New York Opening

Sankeys NYC To Open October 31st

Sankeys has announced via their Facebook page that they are set to open their NYC location on October 31st.  Just in time for Halloween, the opening party will feature My Favorite Robot and Reboot headlining the evening reports Resident Advisor.  From the press release we received via email, the rest of the lineups for the weekend should be announced in the upcoming days and Sankeys is also doing a contest on their Facebook page for free tickets to the opening weekend.  The opening of the New York club closes a chapter in Sankeys illustrious run at their Manchester club which closed its doors earlier this year.

From the Sankeys Facebook page:

The news was shared via Sankeys president David Vincent who ran the Manchester location for 10 years before its closure.  There has been a major upswing of new clubs opening in the New York area as of late but they have been centric to Brooklyn (specifically Williamsburg in the form of Output and the soon to be open Verboten club on 11th st.)  The club is opening in the prior District 36 space which has sat vacant for over a year after excessive spending and low numbers forced the club to close its doors.  The owners of District 36 had previous said (as reported by Black Book) that they were expecting a good offer for the space as it had been completed gutted and renovated before D36 opened up.  What is unknown is what happened to the Gary Stewart Audio system that had been installed, one of the last before Gary passed away earlier this year.  The system has since been replaced with a Void system, the same you can find in Sankeys Ibiza location.  What will be seen is whether they can be successful in operating a nightclub in midtown Manhattan where as history tells us are usually short-lived.

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  • Jessica B.

    About time. How long did this space sit vacant before someone moved in?