Seth Troxler Talks To Defected About Drugs, Marriage, And Visionquest

There is no denying that Seth Troxler is on an absolute tear this year.  Along with his three comrades, Visionquest has been putting out some of the best music we’ve heard in a long time to go along with a hectic touring schedule.  Defected was able to sit down with Seth and ask him about how he manages it all, his impending marriage to his long time girlfriend, his sometimes odd behavior in the spotlight, and more. He also talks about how drugs shaped his musical tastes and talents:

“We’re not about promoting a drug vibe” he stresses, “but, sure, our experiences with acid and psychedelics have helped inform who we are today.  A lot of that inspiration came from the early days in Detroit when we were young kids DJing and stuff, and researching ideas about music… finding ourselves, getting otherworldly. We were a close group of friends working out what we wanted to say, and psychedelics supported that process. We might be in a different position today but we’re still questing….”

Well, we can say he isn’t the only one.  Check out the full interview over at Defected’s website: