Space New York

Space Ibiza Opening Club In New York

Space Ibiza have announced that they are opening up a club at the venue on 50th and 12th avenue that was to previously become Sankey’s.  It turns out things didn’t go so well with Sankey’s as we had reported and Space was quick to snatch up the place for their own taking.  The venue was previously a parking garage and is about 15,000 square feet.  Space also recently put up a Facebook page for the New York site so while this doesn’t mean it is 100% go, it’s certainly promising.  Let’s not forget that Sankey’s had created accounts on different social outlets promoting the new club just to have it not pan out, so as I’m sure Space will see, setting up shop in New York is not an easy task.  We had actually gotten ear of this last week but since we couldn’t confirm it, we decided to not bring it up. Lord knows there are enough rumors in this here fine dance music scene of ours.  Below is a shot of the club from the street (thanks Google Maps).



Any new club in our great city is a welcoming sign.  Check out their Facebook page for now: