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Studio 54 To Re-Open For One Night

I doubt many people who read this blog went to Studio 54, and even if you were old enough to be going out back then and you liked dance music, you probably went to some of the other spots around the city during that time (The Garage, Loft, Gallery, etc) as Studio 54 was more of what we would consider a bottles and models club today.  There is no denying though that Studio 54 was not instrumental in the explosion of the disco scene of the late 70’s, and it was the place to be if you were a celebrity back then.  From Liza Minnelli to Mick Jagger, everyone was trying to walk through 54’s doors to get experience what was so great about the club.  The club would close down after Steve Rubell had gotten caught for tax evasion, and even after a few reincarnations, it was clear to see the place was done when it moved from the original location (Steve would die a few years later from complications from AIDS).

Unfortunately, many of the DJ’s, owners, promoters, security, and other staff were taken during the AIDS pandemic of the 80’s, but many have survived and still work in the nightlife industry.  Nicky Siano is one such example.  Nicky was a resident at Studio 54 and still plays till this day at clubs around the world.   Nicky recently started a show on SiriusXM’s “Studio 54 Radio” channel.  To help kick off Nicky’s show (and to promote the channel), SiriusXM has gotten together with former club owners and staff (including DJ’s, light men, security staff, promoters etc) to do a one-off night at the former Studio 54 space at West 54th St.  From the press release:

On October 18, Studio 54 will reopen in its original location for One More Night. Decades after the opening of one of the most celebrated discos in the world, SiriusXM reunites with members of the original team that worked behind the scenes at the club during its 1977-1981 heyday. They will re-create what will be billed as One More Night of the iconic ‘70s nightlife glamour inside the famed Studio 54 at 254 West 54th Street.
The hand-picked collaborators who choreographed Studio’s nightly parties will create the Studio 54 experience for one more night. The team includes: Karin Bacon, Studio 54 entertainment producer; Scott Bromley, Studio 54 architect; Marc Benecke, Studio 54 doorman; Myra Scheer, assistant to former Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell; Chuck Garelick, Studio 54’s former head of security; Scott Taylor, Studio 54’s former bartender, and other insiders.Original Studio 54 DJs Nicky Siano and Leroy Washington will play the iconic era’s dance classics. Celebrity guests, some from Steve Rubell’s master call list, and lucky SiriusXM listeners will be in attendance to flashback – or dance for the first time – in the internationally renowned club.

The evening will feature authentic, over-the-top details that helped define the Studio 54 experience, including the famed theatrics, backdrops, aerialist performers and dancers.
Studio 54 Radio will broadcast One More Night from Studio 54 on October 18.
Sounds like a good time for those of you into the disco sounds of the 70’s.

  • Kevin

    what Studio 54 Radio will go off the air after that ??? NO!! I Love that station Please No!!

  • Kevin

    what Studio 54 Radio will go off the air after that ??? NO!! I Love that station Please No!! Keep it Going On

  • Jimmy

    Hi Kevin, it is not going off the air. :)


    is my most important wish estate in the studio 54 that night

  • Ed

    Wish I could be there. We have been doing the 70’s/54 Party’s in Dallas the past few years. D.J. Craig Reed has hosted some awesome classic disco music. Hopefully this will not be the last party. Many of us over 40/50 are looking for a place to enjoy our music and era. It’s time…..

  • Jimmy

    Sounds great Ed. Here in NY there is a great party once a month on Sunday’s called the 718 Sessions with Danny Krivit and guests. The music is great and the crowd is mostly 30+ (with 75% of the patrons probably in their 40’s).

    If you want to shoot over the info for your party, I can post it up here. Cheers.

  • Racquel

    soo, is it invite only? will it be easy to get in? cover charge?

  • Ed

    please do a dvd of this night so we can get an inside look

  • Jimmy

    Hi Racquel, unfortunately I do not think you can buy tickets. The info for the contest is on this page:

    I will try to post up copy of the stream when it becomes available.