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Ten Abandoned Nightclubs in Pictures

Abandoned nightclubs have become accepted in cities like Manhattan where the life expectancy of a nightclub is usually a year or two.  The city has not made it easy for entrepreneurs to open theaters and dancing establishments, often throwing up roadblocks in form of cabaret or liquor license (and in some instances, both) which make it nearly impossible to open.  The same holds true for restaurants and bars which often post up signs forbidding dancing as a means of keeping peace with the city (and often not having to pay the fees associated with holding such license).  New York is not alone.  Rents in cities around the world have made it nearly impossible to own a club establishment and in some cases when things go south, the owners will close up shop and disappear in the sunset leaving the mess for others to settle (or more to the point, the bills).

Most clubs though have re-emerged as high priced condos, hotels, coffee shops, and Pinkberry, all of which have become littered on every other block in Manhattan.  Outside of Manhattan though, clubs have suffered a similar fate as WhiteRaveRafting shows in a recent article.  The piece entitled “10 Incredible Photos of Abandoned Nightclubs From Around The World” is a collection of photography accumulated from sites such as Flickr sharing photos of the insides of nightclubs that have been not only closed, but literally abandoned like an amusement park on the Jersey Shore.  The 10 abandoned nightclubs in pictures depicts a communist dancehall and a burned down theater in Austria featuring grandiose pillars and cavernous ceilings.

You can check out all of the pictures here:

Photo Credit: Matthias Haker Photography