Ultra Music Festival Presents New Film “Can U Feel It”

We’ll be the first to admit that the Ultra Music Festival in Miami is not our cup of tea.  Most of the acts are of the trance and mainstream type, so if it were up to us, we’d rather be at DEMF, but we certainly do give credit for all the things Ultra has done for the dance music community.  In the 12 years since its formation, Ultra has turned into a 45 headed monster and has really brought main stream dance music to the forefront here in America.  The festival sold out months before the Winter Music Conference even started in 2011 and ended up having over 150,000 people attend over the course of three days.  Pretty amazing when you think about those numbers given 7 or 8 years ago, dance music in America was laughed at and still considered underground.

Move forward to 2012 and Ultra is now a full time professional events firm putting on the biggest U.S. festival during Ultra Week in Miami.  Along with the marketing of the festival comes a new film entitled “Can U Feel It” which contains footage of the 2011 UMF.  The biggest act on the film that we’d concern ourselves with is Carl Cox, but if you’re into David Guetta and those guys, well, they’re in it also, a lot.  So if raving in the sun and Chris Brown remixes over electro beats is your thing, you should consider checking out the flick when it hits select theaters.

It will be out on the 22nd for one night in select theaters around the US.  Check http://www.umffilms.com/canufeelit/ for all the info.

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